Public, Government, Industry. Who's on top anyway?

Look at these links and judge for yourself.

The West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Website:

Click here for the W.V. Mountaintop Removal Homepage:

EDUCATIONAL LINKS: Marshall UniversityHuntington, WV:
Shawnee State UniversityPortsmouth, OH:
Ohio UniversityAthens, OH:


The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition:

West Virginia Highlands Concervancy:
Citizens Coal Council:
What are they doing to our mountains???:by Professor Lynda Ann Ewen
Voices from the MountainsMountaintop Removal webpage:
West Virginia Sierra ClubOne Earth, One Chance:
;The U.S. News report Tearing Down the Mountains:
The Coalfield Communities Homepage:
Appalachian Voices:

West Virginia's Governor has appointed a Task Force to study the problem of Mountaintop Removal Mining and report to him on what should be done.

Please send your opinion via email to the Governors Task Force: **Click here to send EMAIL**

Every email counts.... especially from citizens outside of West Virginia. Thank you.

Cecil Underwood's"My Position on Mountaintop Removal":
Governor's Office Weekly ColumnOnline Speeches by date:
Underwood's mountaintop removal policies:and more!
Governers Task Force on Mountaintop Removal:


WVHC info about the canyon:
Blackwater canyon news:


Mining links page:
WVCA members:
Coal Mining Firms:
Longwall Mining News:
MSHA homepage :
New GranuFlow Technology:
Company Price Performance in the Coal industry :
Office of Surface MiningComplete list of NEWS ARTICLES:


Ashland Oil Inc. homepage :
WV State Regulatory Authority contact info :
Appalachian Region Geographical Text Database:
WV Geological History (800 million years) :
Coal Information Page (Text, maps, pics) :
Coal Information Database :
Mesophytic Forest Search Results :
Right To Know Net:
ASPI Mixed Mesophytic Forest Data :
How Coal is Mined (text, pics) :
WV Gazette article…Church v/s Coal #1 :
The Charleston GazetteMountaintop Removal News:
Top 30 Mountaintop Removal Websites:
488 streams destroyed by ACID MINE DRAINAGE.News Chanel 8:
Global Change...Latest News ArticlesFrom U.S. EPA-OPPT News:
M.R. NewsM.R. Mining called illegal:
Legal Update (May 1998):
The Charleston Gazette on M.R. mining:


US Environmental Protection Agency :
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service :
WV Soil Conservation Agency :
West Virginia Government page :
WV Department of Environmental Protection :
WV Geological & Economic Survey :
WV Division of Culture and History :
USDI Office of Surface Mining :


Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 :
The Clean Air Act (amended 1990) :
Federal Laws and Regulations by Subject :
US Code… Water Pollution Laws :
Convention on Intrnatl. Trade in Endangered Species:
US EPA Toxic Release Inventory: Community Right-to-know :
United States Code Database:
R645-301. Coal Mine PermittingPermit Application Requirements:


Fluor Corporation Company Info :
Arch Coal, Inc :
The world's largest…Peabody Coal Co:
Fluor Corporation Homepage:
Elk Run Coal Co. :
Princess Beverly Coal :

When a canary died in the mines, the miners knew to run to the surface. Now that everything is dying on the surface, does that mean that we must run into the mines?

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