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Welcome to the West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Homepage

               This is the first page of many regarding
           the environmentally and socially destructive
           process of Mountaintop Removal and Valley Fill
           that is taking place in many states along the
           eastern coast of America. Some of the states 
           affected are  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, 
           Virginia,  North Carolina  and  West Virginia. 
               My primary focus will be the state of West 
           Virginia. I do not live in West Virginia. I reside 
           in southern Ohio where there is relatively safe
           water to drink, relatively clean air to breathe,
           and a relative peace knowing that I can go to 
           sleep without worrying about not waking up the 
           next morning.  
              You and I are lucky, for we are not personally
           affected by the coal industry.  Unfortunately, 
           there are thousands of entire families in the 
           beautiful and humble state of West Virginia that 
           must helplessly endure the horrors of the Earth
           altering Mountaintop Removal process. That is why
           I made this internet site. For the people.

                To the left of this text are links to 
           information pages regarding the Appalachian people
           and the industry that is changing their lives.

                Please take this information seriously. This
           is what is happening (virtually unnoticed) in the
           United States while our government is concentrating
           on saving the environments and cultures of the rest
           of the world.

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West Virginia's Governor has appointed a Task Force to study the problem of Mountaintop Removal Mining and report to him on what should be done.

Send your opinion via email to the Governors Task Force: ***Click here to send EMAIL***

Visit the Governors Task Force website at: Governers Task Force on Mountaintop Removal:

EVERY EMAIL COUNTS.... especially from citizens outside of West Virginia. Thank you.